As a leader in live video technology, EVS is an important partner to Vizrt for the creation of efficient workflows in live sports and news production. EVS solutions offer advanced integration and compatibility with several Vizrt products:

Viz Mosart and MediaCeption, EVS’ asset management solution

EVS’ MediaCeption asset management solution brings greater productivity, speed, and creativity to directors, producers, and newscasters through the control of EVS servers by Viz Mosart. The integration makes it possible to automate a range of processes from advanced clip management and display configurations to the enhancement of clips with metadata.  As a result, directors can focus their energies on producing faster, relevant, and engaging news broadcasts. 

Viz Mosart and Dyvi, EVS’ video switcher

The integration of EVS’ Dyvi switcher with Viz Mosart provides users with precise control of the switcher’s rich feature set directly from the APC rundown. Using Dyvi’s proprietary PIX200 protocol, bi-directional integration is achieved allowing Viz Mosart to not only trigger Dyvi production elements but also see the current status of mix busses, crosspoints, and macros. 

Viz Libero and LiveCeption Signature, EVS’ premium live production and replay solution

With the Viz Libero and LiveCeption Signature integration, customers benefit from powerful sports analysis technology offering high value for them and their viewers alike. Operators can control playout channels, recall media and browse recorded content on EVS servers, and enhance the content with rich graphical elements within the Viz Libero analysis tool.

About EVS

Covering all aspects of broadcast production, EVS’ solutions are used by media companies worldwide to create compelling live content that brings viewers closer to the action. The company leverages its 25+ years of industry experience to deliver reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that simplify broadcast operations and help customers maximize the value of their productions. 
Headquartered in Liège, Belgium, EVS has a global presence with over 500 employees spread across 20+ offices and development centers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. 
To learn more about EVS, visit: www.evs.com