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Mo-Sys provides tracking solutions for Viz Virtual Studio. Using the optical tracking system StarTracker, broascasters have a system that gives them freedom of movement in the studio whether with a handheld camera, pedestal or crane. The system looks at “stars”, small retroreflective stickers that are randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid with no additional structure required. The “stars” are hardly visible to the naked eye. An LED ring pointing at the stickers makes them “shine”, reflecting the light, in the tracking CCD camera and the system can pick them up as targets. Unlike other tracking technologies only one tracking camera per tracked camera is required. As temporal solutions they also offer ready made ropes or nets with attached “stars”.

The low cost solution of having just one tracking camera and loads of inexpensive “stars”, instead of having an array of expensive tracking cameras, introduces stability and allows them to offer the system at a very competitive price. StarTracker is compatible with all popular render engines and can be customised to any studio sizes. It works in smaller studios with lower ceiling as well as larger studios with higher ceiling. And by adding further stars to existing ones the tracking volume can be easily extended at a very low extra cost. You can even employ a single StarTracker system in several studios. Furthermore, multiple studio cameras can be tracked using the same “constellation”, sharing the same map – as seen at the BBC’s Election Night – those can include studio cameras on pedestals, cranes and handheld cameras.

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