Polygon Labs


We are a creative services and software solutions studio for the Media Industry focusing on engaging data and content visualization integrated with Vizrt’s workflow and tools. 

Polygon Ipsum: data aggregator and master control graphics sequencer integrated with an unlimited number of Viz Engines to generate data-driven master control graphics content.

Polygon Chronos: interactive storytelling application that uses the Viz Engine as a full-screen graphics render for elections and sports events analysis.

Polygon Porta: an application that enables the connection between the Vizrt newsroom workflow, the Vizrt Media Sequencer, and the Unreal Engine. It allows the Vizrt operator to play graphics onto Viz Engines and Unreal Engines simultaneously from Viz Trio, Viz Pilot Director, Viz Multiplay, and Viz Mosart. 

Polygon Heartbit: an application that reads the data output of a scoreboard system at a stadium and transfers it to Viz Trio pages.

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