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StormGeo and Vizrt partner to give Viz Weather high-quality weather content. Viz Weather includes an interface to the online and interactive Weather On Demand (WOD) service from StormGeo for delivery of worldwide weather data.

The WOD/Viz Weather combination has a flexible, online user-selectable weather feed for point forecasts, gridded animation data, satellite data, observations and more.

Point forecasts for all locations on the globe can be received from the WOD system. The choice of area for the 3D forecasted and satellite based animations is also a true global on-demand service, allowing the user to easily change the area of interest.

Unlike through a traditional weather presentation system, it is not necessary to call the weather forecast provider to get additional information since the locations are not pre-defined. The WOD service ensures flexibility to go on air with locally updated weather information wherever and whenever – particularly useful in time-critical emergency events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires or even aeroplane disasters.

We’ll solve your weather puzzle! Storm Weather Center is the leading commercial weather service provider in Scandinavia, supplying a full range of meteorological information. We deliver products and services for the energy, offshore, telecom, internet and media industries.

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