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TrackMen invents real-time tracking solutions for live virtual broadcast graphics in the field of camera and object tracking, smart automation systems, motion capturing and keying technologies since 1997. TrackMen Ltd. is based in Germany but operates worldwide as a manufacturer of products which are all invented and developed in-house. TrackMen is the one-stop-shop for any tracking solution, also offers corresponding services along with its products to guarantee working turnkey solutions.

Our team is comprised of experts from the areas of software development and visual technologies who implement application-specific solutions for the broadcast and film industry as well as other industries.

Vizrt and TrackMen have been collaborating ever since Vizrt was founded in order to integrate Vizrt’s 3D real-time graphics seamlessly into real environments. TrackMen has invented and developed real-time camera, object and body tracking solutions, calibrations and other services for Vizrt’s live virtual broadcast graphics.

In general, TrackMen supports all of Vizrt’s immersive graphics systems for Augmented Reality and Virtual Studios. Here, TrackMen provides turnkey solutions for every Viz Virtual Studio application. This enables the Vizrt render engine to match real and virtual objects together with maximum precision and quality. All TrackMen camera tracking products are carefully designed and developed to perfectly integrate into Vizrt’s Tracking Hub. TrackMen products support all parameters of any type of camera set-up, consisting of the camera’s position and orientation as well as the complete set of lens parameters including the precise lens parameters trough the unique automated zoom lens calibration. Vizrt’s Tracking Hub simply receives the complete tracking data already set to go on air with no additional calibrations needed for a perfect result!

TrackMen as a one-stop-shop offers a complete range of tracking solutions all from the same company. With the VioTrack family we invented both various marker based and markerless optical camera tracking systems. These systems allow complete free movement on any support system, including hand-held cameras, ranging from low-cost to high-end applications. We also developed encoder based systems for manual or automated operation. Other TrackMen products allow the tracking of objects, humans or the complete motion capture of actors and athletes.

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