VMWare is a global leader in virtualization and for digital infrastructure, applications, and multi-cloud. Virtualized workflows bring content production to core and edge endpoints dynamically with flexible consumption models to help broadcasters and media companies manage costs and focus on making great content.

VMware and Vizrt APAC have partnered to provide virtual infrastructure in Public and Telco Cloud environments for modern media production and distribution. Use-cases include media asset management, live production for news and sports, graphics, and extended reality. Combining software-defined media production with virtual infrastructure and cloud enables dynamic provisioning. Dynamic provisioning can create services rapidly with resilient operations, leveraging automation and scaling across various fixed and 5G networks for truly flexible production.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unified virtual infrastructure and software defined media workflow in a single solution
  • Dynamically scalable production and workflow resources that can grow or shrink as needed
  • Automated content delivery based on core and edge workflow demands

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