NDI® 5

Your production to the cloud and beyond

NDI®, Vizrt Group member and sister company to Vizrt, has unveiled the most recent version of the world’s most used AV-over-IP protocol, NDI 5. This blockbuster release will enable Vizrt customers to work location-independent with Vizrt products and move content into and out of the cloud, local and remote locations and any hybrid of the three. The benefits of NDI 5 include but are not limited to:

NDI Bridge forms a secure bridge between any NDI networks regardless of location. This makes sources available seamlessly and unilaterally, as NDI works across LANs, WANs and in the cloud.

Reliable UDP means frame drops and networking challenges are things of the past

NDI Remote allows anyone – using just a link – to contribute live audio and video from an Internet-connected device with a browser, straight into your production system.

NDI Audio Direct seamlessly integrates NDI audio into software-based audio workflows; local, in the cloud or hybrid, and takes audio from hardware limited to software enabled.

…and those are just a few of the many, many new benefits of NDI.

Read more and sign up to try it out yourself in June on www.ndi.tv