SNews Arion NRCS Integrates Viz Flowics

The integrated solution enables news productions to work with content more dynamically and seamlessly than ever before

SNews Arion NRCS Integrates Viz Flowics Graphics

Bergen, Norway— 18 May 2023 — Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, announces its HTML5 graphics solution, Viz Flowics, now integrates with SNews’ Arion newsroom system for simplified news production.

Arion NRCS is a powerful newsroom system that streamlines the workflow for managing and distributing content. Viz Flowics is a cutting-edge HTML5 graphics engine that enables the creation and operation of live broadcast graphics with real-time data and audience participation from any location.

Together, the shared users of Arion and Viz Flowics can now efficiently manipulate the graphics playlists for their news show in a rapid, easy, and centralized manner. Journalists can create a rundown for their shows in Arion, associate different graphic overlays based on templates available in Viz Flowics to their stories, and have this replicated in Viz Flowics as a graphics playlist ready to go on-air.

“We are committed to meeting the needs of all content creators, large and small, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.Our partnership with Vizrt and the integration of Flowics Graphics with Arion is a reflection of this commitment. We are excited to offer this integrated solution that revolutionizes the creation of graphics in the newsroom of broadcasters around the world.”

Rodrigo Brasiel, CEO of SNews Broadcast Solutions.

The integration was entirely developed by SNews and takes advantage of three key components of the Flowics platform:

  • The new Rundown Control interface for graphics playout.
  • The Playlist API, which allows external systems to manage graphics playlists programmatically.
  • The Output JS SDK, a Javascript SDK that allows third parties to integrate with Viz Flowics to offer a preview of any Viz Flowics output and overlays in a very simple way.

Viz Flowics’ Rundown Control is the graphics engine’s latest interface that enables graphics operators to create multiple playlists of overlays based on the specific rundown of a show. Meanwhile, the Playlists API makes it possible to create graphics playlists based on the show rundown in the NRCS, and the Output JS SDK provides journalists creating the rundown with a preview of overlays directly in Arion.

“We are proud to have facilitated the integration of Flowics Graphics with SNews’ Arion, which allows for centralized graphics control during the news production. This exciting announcement marks just the first step on a promising path that we plan to pursue after the recent launch of the new Rundown Control and the Playlist API. We will keep working to enhance news production workflows, making them increasingly efficient and streamlined”

Gabriel Baños, co-founder of Flowics

For more information on Viz Flowics, please visit: Viz Flowics