The Possibility Engine: Viz Engine 5 – Now Available

The latest edition of the most powerful and versatile live graphics platform in the world includes Adaptive Graphics™, an enhanced Unreal® integration and more to unify live graphics workflows.

Viz Engine 5 - The Possibility Engine - press image

Bergen, Norway — September 26th, 2022 — Vizrt, the leader of software-defined visual storytelling tools (#SDVS), today announces that Viz Engine 5 – the most powerful live graphics compositor in the world – is officially available for purchase or upgrade.

Designed to remove the complexity of live, multi-platform graphics production and distribution, Viz Engine 5 introduces Adaptive Graphics™ – an ingenious way to deploy graphics to multiple output formats simultaneously, saving time, pain, and effort. An additional innovation available to new and current users is Vizrt’s enriched and value-added integration with Unreal® Engine 5. The combination of Viz Engine and Unreal Engine blends the two render paths into a sum greater than the component parts, in a workflow that is seamless and familiar for live production.

“Adaptive Graphics is a smarter way to do multi-platform graphics. For the broadcaster this will mean merging production lines, more control over the quality of the product, and more efficient use of designers’ time, says Gerhard Lang, CTO at Vizrt. “And our newly enhanced integration with Unreal Engine introduces a workflow and output that is as straightforward as it is innovative. It allows broadcasters to deliver high-impact graphics from both rendering pipelines within a single workflow”

Adaptive Graphics goes beyond TVs and hand-held devices

Allowing designers to create once and publish multiple times, this templated workflow smartly adjusts resolution and format to support specific display devices without multiplied resource usage, compromising on quality, or risking loss of readability. This is true for TV and hand-held device aspect ratios, plus studio video walls, virtual sets, and digital signage.

Adaptive Graphics also ensure a better, consistent look and unified brand identity across all platforms, protecting the most vital asset of any media provider. To underline the agility of Adaptive Graphics, all outputs can be delivered as NDI ® – opening possibilities to simplify and power-up content workflows.

Viz Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 5: The best graphics workflow in the industry

Real-time blending of photoreal, detail-rich, and data driven graphics from Viz Engine with large-scale virtual environments from Unreal can now be done easily and transparently. Added control capability within Viz Engine lets the user seamlessly change assets, transformations, or animations within Unreal Engine, and new control functionality can be added quickly to Viz Engine, as needed. This is all part of Vizrt’s relentless pursuit to reduce complexity so our customers can focus on creativity.

Tracking data over NDI®

With the release of Viz Engine 5, we also see the introduction of NDI®, with fully embedded tracking data in the NDI stream. Now, Viz Engine uses and delivers tracking data in the most globally recognized IP standard in the world, and it opens a host of possibilities, including out-of-the-box Augmented Reality setups with PTZ cameras and cloud-based workflows.

Learn how photoreal, detail-rich, and data driven graphics from Viz Engine 5, blended with large-scale virtual environments from Unreal – plus the format flexibility of Adaptive Graphics, creates a new storytelling paradigm. Explore all these features and more at