Vizrt Newsroom

Vizrt Newsroom provides journalists with Flexible Access to full power, easy-to-use content creation tools

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Bergen, Norway—3rd Feb 2021—Vizrt, the world’s leading provider of software-defined visual storytelling tools (#SDVS) for media content creators, today announced Vizrt Newsroom, one of five software Solution Suites made available exclusively through Flexible Access. Fully integrated with all major newsroom computer systems (NRCS), Vizrt Newsroom is the ultimate toolset for the modern journalist, designed to take the complexity out of advanced visual storytelling.

Vizrt Newsroomfeatures Vizrt’s template-based, cross-platform newsroom content creation system to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality stories with world-class broadcast graphics. Journalists get everything they need to independently prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, video and stills, data visualizations and maps to their stories from within the NRCS.

Daniel Nergard, President of Vizrt,, “The pace of the news cycle has never been faster. Today’s journalists need to be able to create on multiple output formats, often at the same time, in order to reach and engage their audience. Vizrt Newsroom reduces complexity from relatively advanced workflows of news content production. By simplifying and giving easy access to a comprehensive set of journalistic tools, storytellers can focus better on what matters most, telling the story.”

Vizrt Newsroom allows journalists to scale and adjust the tools they need to the volume of required output and produce any type of content for any kind of show, program, or platform. Content production teams can create anything from data-driven election graphics and breaking news stories, to social media aggregation, and republish and adapt to any combination of output needs.

Produce anywhere, publish everywhere – be first, be fast

Vizrt Newsroom is accessed through browser-based interfaces meaning that journalists can plan, create, and edit stories from the broadcast center, from the road, or even from home. By combining a proven newsroom workflow with advanced meta graphics and a cutting-edge but easy-to-use template-based system, a single journalist can be a one-person production crew, with access to video, stills, maps and graphics and the tools to turn them into the headline stories of the moment. Templated graphics, proxy preview, and the ability to work on growing files allows the telling of breaking stories in real-time as they unfold. Repurpose any video or story and deliver those same stories – with custom graphics and branding – to any output destination across the online sphere.

Vizrt Newsroom is available exclusively through Flexible Access in annual or month-to-month payment plans. Customers are encouraged to speak with their Vizrt sales experts for details.