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Do you know the benefits of Vizrt Automation tools?

When hardware constraints are abandoned in favor of future-proof software-driven solutions, broadcasters using our tools are able to deliver faster and more error-free show creation in a manner that reduces resource requirements and makes the virtualisation of control rooms a reality. Read the eBook to learn more about the possibilities inherent to software-based production workflows.

The investment benefits of Vizrt’s software-based automation solutions are endless, the automation product line is the best-in-class, constantly giving productions more with less. From IP-based, efficient workflows and integration of existing equipment to multi-platform delivery and increased productivity – all contribute to an unrivaled ROI.

These software-defined visual storytelling solutions include director-based user interfaces. These removes technical complexity, giving a single operator the ability to execute complex error-free productions whilst still being able to react quickly for unscripted events. Additionally, the seamless integration with Vizrt’s product ecosystem simplifies consistent branding across multiple platforms and reduces on-air mistakes.

Direct benefits for live production is the ability for producers to do more with less, including going on-air instantly, studio set-up and expanding output format as needed.

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“We chose automation to minimize the errors on air, and to reduce staff in the gallery – allowing us to use them to cover more live events. We have so many live events we need people to cover all of the demand.”

Luiz Claudio Costa Analist
Tech Development at Globosat


Smarter use of manpower


Higher utilization of the existing technical and studio resources


Automatic versioning for multiplatform, reuse, and rebranded editorial content

Automation benefits

  • Real-time control
  • Content focused workflows
  • Lower operational costs
  • Consistent higher quality programming
  • Reduced mistakes
  • Increased output
  • Improved flexibility
  • Higher consistency
  • Intuitive user experience

What are the benefits of automation in live production?

Learn more in the free eBook.

Our automation solutions

Viz Mosart

The world’s most powerful studio automation system

  • Real-time control
  • Content focused workflows
  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Automate Existing Environment
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Consistent Higher-Quality Programming
  • Graphical Presentation of Rundown
  • Increased Output
  • Single Operator Enabled

The Viz Mosart studio automation solution maximizes the potential of any live production environment. Fully content-focused, Viz Mosart puts the story at the center of the production, removing technical complexity with a simple user interface that provides ultimate flexibility for accommodation both planned and unplanned events. Automated operations and advanced device control result in faster speed to air, higher quality programming, increased output and lower operational costs. 

…we had five or six people working in the studio. All of them had to work long hours. The introduction of the Mosart system has improved operations. Our hourly news broadcast on a day-to-day basis is fully automated. With Mosart, we can convert some of the old roles into ones that require manual yet specialised skills. Automation also means that I do not have to stretch my team for long hours. Instead, I can use more people on my primetime belt and my morning shows.

Nadia Natasha Azmi
Studio Production Manager and Mosart Lead at Mediacorp

Viz Verdi

Cutting-edge studio automation and powerful software-based switching

  • IP Native
  • Software based switching
  • Lower OPEX
  • Future Proof
  • Low Technical Thresholds
  • Speed
  • Multi-Platform

Viz Verdi sets the new standard in cost-effective production workflow efficiency and flexibility. Combining software-defined studio automation and powerful switching, Viz Verdi fits into today’s complex production environments while standing ready to support a broadcaster’s transition to IP. It’s a high-performance, future-proof solution that strips complexity from the production workflow, reduces on-air programming errors, and allows operators to focus on what matters most: story.

Viz Opus

Future-proof compact control room

Viz Opus

  • Best-in-Class ROI
  • Small Form Factor
  • Increased Output
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Studio-in-a-box
  • Entry-level
  • Self-contained
  • Standard automation templates
  • Increased output
  • Perfect for secondary control room

Bring content to life with the Viz Opus live production system. A complete studio-in-a-box with integrated automation, switching, graphics, audio mixing and clip playout, Viz Opus enables first-class production quality, error-free on-air programming and branding consistency across all content distribution platforms. A simple, story-focused user interface lets you operate all aspects of the live production from a single console. Integration of Viz Opus into existing workflows is quick and easy, making it the ideal solution for entering the powerful, future-proof Vizrt ecosystem.

For production here [in the compact control room] we have only two people, the coordinator and the director only. Before Viz Opus we needed four people inside the gallery.

Luiz Claudio Costa Analist
Tech Development at Globosat
Vizrt automation 1920x1080

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