Automation that streamlines work and improves quality throughout the entire live and pre-recorded production chain

Viz Mosart studio automation represents the best of simplified operation and advanced device control, providing the highest quality and speed while eliminating mistakes and lowering operational costs for greater flexibility in news, sports, and other live and pre-recorded productions.

  • 1.Content-focused productions and improved brand value
  • 2.Multi-platform delivery and accelerated speed-to-air
  • 3.Future-proof workflows and a strong ROI

Key benefits of Viz Mosart

  • Save time and ensure consistency by creating and sharing automation templates
  • Configure the user interface to how you want to work with customizable layouts
  • Easily see your sources: live video sources displayed in the user interface
  • Clear timing and status for stories, elements, production output, and next events
  • Real-time journalist collaboration with extensive NRCS integrations
  • Easily handle multiple rundowns for even the most complex shows
  • Supports scripted and unscripted shows and breaking news
  • Control multiple studios from one interface
  • Intuitive touch screen operation with single or multiple operators
  • Easily shoot retakes for pre-recorded shows
  • Automate the stitching of correct segments to reduce post-production editing time
  • Produce graphics-centric content without needing a dedicated video switcher

Story-centric productions

Viz Mosart puts the story in the center of the production, removing technical complexity with a simple user interface, designed to give all necessary information to the director while giving full flexibility to operate both planned and breaking news scenarios and pre-recorded shows.

Complete control

Viz Mosart operators in the control room benefit from a real-time view of all upcoming events through tight integration with all major newsroom computer systems.

The system gives the director a real-time updated version of the presenter text, and video integrated into the user interface to view of all the elements that are on program out and in preview. The user interface also contains advanced keyboard and touchscreen hotkeys specially made to handle breaking news and other unscripted events.

Ultimate flexibility

Viz Mosart is truly hardware agnostic and the growing list of production system integrations is built on native control APIs for each device. This ensures that integration is optimized for each device that Viz Mosart controls.

The system comes with advanced features made for 24/7 operation, permitting the opening and operating of multiple rundowns from the newsroom system, and providing back-to-back operation of programs while maintaining program output.

Viz Mosart enables flexible staffing configurations and the number of operators can even change during any production. This allows the option to operate with either a single operator or involve more staff as needed depending on the specific needs of any given show.

Automating pre-recorded content

For pre-recorded (non-live) shows, the Story Recorder feature of Viz Mosart allows Producers to easily reshoot show segments, automatically resetting studio devices to their appropriate states ready for the retake. Once the shoot is finished, Story Recorder automatically stitches together the correct show segments, greatly reducing the editing time required per show by removing the tedious basic cuts and error removal.

Unlock switcher-less workflows

Drawing on the power of Viz Engine, Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart unlocks the automated production of graphics-centric content and automated scene-based switching without needing a discrete, dedicated switcher, so that entire shows can be designed as a graphics scene – including video switching – offering simplicity for the journalist by defining show content in the rundown with powerful preset scenes.

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Vizrt Viz Mosart Automation Workflow Diagram

Viz Mosart 5.1.1

January 25th, 2023: Viz Mosart 5.1.1 is officially available and can be downloaded from the FTP: /products/VizMosart/Latest Version/VizMosart-5.1.1. This is a maintenance release and includes several improvements and fixes. For more information see the release notes in FTP.

Viz Mosart 5.1

November 3rd, 2022: The latest release of the market-leading studio automation software, Viz Mosart 5.1, introduces the brand-new Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart, enabling automated productions without the need for a dedicated video switcher. This release also includes security enhancements and various bug fixes. Read the full release notes by clicking the button below.