Special panel discussion on NDI in broadcast-now and the future

9 Dec 2021

NDI is a revolution in the truest sense of the word - and is already changing how hundreds of thousands of hours of content are being produced, all over the world.

From the basic ease of plug and play video over LAN to the earth-shattering new features in NDI 5 that allow you to use any video source from anywhere over public internet, the tools are all there for you to reimagine your production - and expand the production horizon. In this special panel we will give you an overview of how NDI is being used by broadcasters today, and how we see it developing in the future.

Submit your questions ahead of time and influence what our experts will delve into!

  • Dr Andrew Cross
  • Roberto Musso, NDI Product Manager
  • Pablo Herrero Delavanay from Vizrt Sales
  • Daniel Url, global head of Product Management

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