Viz Pilot Edge 2.4 Demo

How are newsrooms transforming to cater to changing audience needs? What technologies are they adopting? What does Viz Pilot Edge 2.4 bring to their newsdesks?

When Alaraby TV decided to move from London to Doha, they wanted futureproof, flexible solutions that would help their newsroom stay fluid and agile. Solutions that supported hybrid and story-centric workflows. Their new studio in Doha is a full IP facility with end-to-end Vizrt graphics, and even features a TV set built over a swimming pool.

In this 2-part webinar we will present a product demo of Viz Pilot Edge 2.4, the latest version of the web-ready graphics solution that is powering the newsroom at Alaraby TV and speak to Ali Husseini, their Director of Broadcast Operations & Visuals, about his vision for futureproofing newsrooms and how news producers can exploit technology to better engage viewers.

Why You Should Watch On-Demand

See firsthand the benefits of Viz Pilot Edge 2.4

  • Web ready, built on HTML5 technology
  • Secure HTTPS environment
  • Template based
  • Journalist driven
  • Integration with web and cloud-native NRCS
  • Promotes speed and accuracy

Go behind the scenes at Alaraby TV

  • Full IP facility
  • Vizrt end-to-end graphics
  • 500 sqm of videowall
  • Distributed team
  • Floating TV studio built over an actual swimming pool!