Efficient Automation | Production Efficiency Demo Series

Efficient Automation

Studio automation may be one of the most obvious topics for a series on production efficiency – but not necessarily in the ways you think. One-man productions, yes – but how about faster studio setup, faster onboarding of directors and better breaking news reaction capability?In this Production Efficiency demo we go behind the scenes of TV 2 the world’s first Viz Mosart studio automation user. Straight from the production gallery, director Arbër Maliqi shows how a single director can run a full-fledged news broadcast with a fully operating studio – all alone. Told from the director’s point of view the session illustrates how automation can help them focus on the story and overall production quality, while simultaneously automating technical details and adding breaking news flexibility. The session will end with a live Q&A, where you can ask our experts and TV 2 all your automation questions. Sign up once and get access to all the demos in the Production Efficiency series.

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