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Efficient Cloud Live Production

Driving a 40-tonne truck with a crew of 30 across a country to run a production has long been an absolutely unavoidable aspect of major live productions – especially in sports. Massive strides in cloud production technology has opened up opportunities to change this – without sacrificing quality or agility. But how do you actually set up and run a multi-output, multi-language, multi-format sports production using on-site cameras, a clouded Viz Vectar Plus switcher and a remote operator? Our Cloud Live Production expert Jon Raidel will be joined by another expert user, and together they will show & tell how this has already been done in live production. Expect detailed technical explanations suited to technical directors and studio managers – and bring your questions to the live Q&A session at the end. Sign up once and get access to all the demos in the Production Efficiency series.

Production Efficiency Demo Series

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The only constant in today’s world is change – and to a media professional that …