Easy to operate virtual sets for anyone, featuring special guest Full Mental Jacket

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Virtual sets are clunky and impossible to operate without a PhD in graphics. Ever hear that before? Full Mental Jacket recently completed a successful design and delivery of a Viz Engine 4 virtual set to mid-size station KQED in San Francisco. Exploiting powerful texture and lighting capabilities in Viz Engine 4, Ronen Lasry designed a Bay area style, photoreal set to the customer’s specifications. But where the rubber really hit the road was the introduction of Viz Arc, the virtual and augmented reality controller, where a simple interface and workflow mean anyone can learn to control and work with virtual graphics in next to no time. In this special group demo, we’ll talk to Full Mental Jacket about the design process from spec through sketch to delivery. We’ll also get a special demo of the set designed for KQED from Ronen, along with a look at the control interface built to make it work. At the end you will get a chance to ask FMJ and Vizrt experts any questions in a live QA session.

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