Tell your stories from anywhere

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What do Viz Pilot Edge, a newsroom content creation system and Viz Ticker, a real-time content delivery system, have in common? HTML-based workflows and the opportunity to build and tell your stories from anywhere.

Check out this demo to learn how, and to see all the new features of Viz Ticker 4.

Additionally, our experts will cover how to :

  • Work with Viz Ticker 4 and Viz Pilot Edge 2 from your browser
  • Easily access templates and use them from anywhere
  • Quickly find the right template with a clear template hierarchy overview for each show, every channel and the whole station, accessible and manageable from one place
  • Use template manager, concepts, variants and tag templates
  • Enrich your templates with graphics, maps, videos and other content
  • Connect your graphic assets to your story, integration with NRCS and NLE Be on-air faster than a post on social media Link real-time data to any of the templates
  • See the brand new features in Pilot Edge 2 & Viz Ticker 4

We enhance your efficiency with our easy to use tools.

Take your production to the next level with the right solutions.

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