How To: Remotely control and automate your TriCaster with Viz Mosart

With the remarkable trio of NDI® Bridge, Viz Mosart, and TriCaster 2 Elite, witness unparalleled efficiency as you automate your regional live broadcasts from a centralized hub, helping your team to achieve more with less.

In this exclusive on-demand demo, automation expert Nicolas Damuni, from Les Sables d’Olonne, France, showcase the capabilities of production automation tool Viz Mosart, as he controls Zoltan Matula’ TriCaster 2 Elite production system in Budapest, Hungary. Effortlessly managing inputs and outputs with detailed precision, all made possible through the seamless connectivity of NDI Bridge, Zoltan and Nicolas are able to collaborate on the production as if they were in the same room.

With this unified production workflow, you can quickly master cross-country collaboration while also ensuring you optimize both resources and budget!


Nicolas Daumni,

Global Director Pre-Sales

Zoltan Matula,

Senior Live Production Engineer • Cloud and Live

Ryan Hughes

Product Marketing Manager

Automation via Vizrt helps GB News do more with less

“Vizrt isn’t just important. It is critical to the success of our channel and our news operation. Vizrt provides the tools, efficiencies, and support to let us achieve our mission.”

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