Viz Artist Designer Certification

Become a Certified Viz Artist designer! Successful candidates demonstrate the ability to design creatively in Viz Artist and execute large portions of a project by applying advanced knowledge of the software’s capabilities. Get certified and strengthen your position as a Viz Artist Designer.

The candidate should demonstrate a high level of knowledge and organizational skills using Transition Logic, scripting, technical design and setup. The completed exam should confirm that the candidate can develop a project from the idea stage to a set of graphics ready to be controlled by Vizrt’s control applications. The candidate must also demonstrate understanding of executing solutions together with a team of designers, programmers and/or technicians.

The exam has five assignments about the following topics:

  • Television Program (Transition Logic)
  • News animation
  • Scripting
  • Virtual Set
  • Troubleshooting


The price to write the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam is 349 USD.

The length of the exam is 30 days from purchase.