Michel Pensas - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Michel Pensas for becoming the next Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer.

Michel Pensas is now a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer, along with completing the Viz Guru Paris in 2014.

Michel Pensas is currently located in the Paris region, in France and has been a graphic designer in broadcasting production for over 10 years. He graduated from audiovisual and multimedia engineering school of Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée. Michel's educational and career background has given him a wide variety of skill sets, ranging from graphic design, scripting development, 3D modeling, image manipulation and compositing, video editing, template and user interface creation.

Michel Pensas has been working in the Canal+ Group since 2012. His job usually consist of creating Viz scenes and customized templates utilising Basic Mode or Transition Logic and ensuring their proper functioning with the channels newsroom’s automation workflow. And also creating friendly user interfaces for journalist and editors with Template Wizard utilising script, Viz Pilot, Viz Ticker, Social TV system, e.g.: retrieving traffic and weather forecast data.

"After joining the Canal+ Group and my first training on Viz Artist, I soon found my way to become a Viz Artist and Vizrt’s products specialist. I find using Vizrt's software exciting and rewarding as I continue to experiment with their tools and still learn something new with each new project. I can create complex Transition Logic graphics packages, realistic 3D re-enactments, maps, informative tickers, interactive touch-screen interfaces and virtual sets. I have been actively using Viz Artist and Vizrt’s products since 2012. With the desire to further expand my capabilities, I attended the Viz Guru course and took the Viz Artist Designer Certification Exam.

In the Certified pro Viz Artist Designer report conclusion given by the evaluator it says 'The candidate showed a lot of talent in various pieces, especially in the News program. The technical aspects of the scenes were oriented on real world examples. The scenes are self-explaining for a skilled Viz Artist, the tree structure and naming conventions were used in a good manner.' And in the Scripting Assignment part 'The scene was well made and performed optimally. The code was well organized and every section was described with a comment section. Using the stage to its best ability, the code was not overly complex and got the job done perfectly.'

After completing and passing the Viz Artist Designer Certification Exam, I am confident of my capability to take a project from creation of an idea to a set of graphics ready to be controlled by either Viz Trio and/or Viz Pilot and understands how solutions can be executed in a larger team together with designers, IT personnel or programmers."

 - Michel Pensas

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Photoshop Script : Temo-Matrix

Check out this video tutorial created by Michel Pensas which allows for creating a single image consisting of many tiles and equally sized set up in a matrix for the Viz Artist's plugin "Temo".

After Effects script developed to communicate with the DataHub.


This script for After Effects allows recovery groups in Feed Streamer and browse the messages in the selected group. The avatars will be displayed in the User Interface as well as the media images. By clicking on the image, it's enlarges in a floating window.

The main idea of this project is to embed the SocialTV system in a post-production workflow with adobe's softwares, it's also possible with Photoshop script.

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