Omar Al-Tekreeti - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Omar! He is now a Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer!

My name is Omar Ayyed Al-Tekreeti, and I'm living in Houston, Texas, USA.

My first step into broadcast design was in 2001 in Baghdad by making advertising and show openers.

In 2005 I moved to Dubai to work for the Iraqi TV channel IBC TV. At first I was using Adobe After Effects before the channel moved on to buy an on-air real time graphics system. With this system I too started my long journey with design for real time systems.

In 2008 I got the opporunity to work for the MBC Group which fortunately were using Vizrt systems, at the time Viz Artist 2.8. After no more than seven days of learning I did a big video-wall "2160 X 720" for the American elections, plus daily special graphics.

Working with Vizrt software I spent many hours learning myself and delivering special projects like complex interactive touch screen solutions using maps, automated slide shows and website scrolls for instant on-air use, to name a few.

Now that I am certified I would like to thank God and everybody that helped me earn this amazing certificate.

With the certificate I will work even harder than before to prove my skills as a Vizrt expert by learning more and making new, different, and amazing designs.

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