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Vladimir Repede

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Vladimir Repede is an accomplished Viz Artist designer hailing from Bucharest, Romania and is our latest Certified Viz Artist Designer.

Vladimir originally did his Bachelor studies in Business Administration, which may seem to be an unlikely degree for a designer but it was through an internship at Vizrt London that he was introduced to the world of broadcast graphics. This internship then led to a referral from Vizrt Romania and eventually to a position at Pro TV. After three years he has elevated to the position of Senior Vizrt Designer at the company and works across six channels within Romania.

Congratulations in passing the Viz Artist Designer exam.  How does it feel?

It’s a relief. Taking the exam was one of the challenges I have set for myself this year and I’m happy to see it end well.

How did you learn to design in Viz Artist?

Viz Artist 2.8 was a great place to begin because the program teaches you discipline. I can’t tell you the number of times I forgot to save, or how much I resented the undo feature that only undid some things.

The most helpful part in my education with Viz was having a positive mindset and not getting intimidated by the complexity of some parts. Working in a very challenging environment as well as taking every opportunity to try something new and different was also very important. It was difficult at first; understanding why and how you need to do things in a particular way, but eventually you find that they are all pieces of a well designed puzzle.

I can’t honestly say that I’ve stopped learning ever since that first introduction to Viz Artist 2.8, and I feel that this is crucial when working with such a complex and multi-layered product.

What would you say are the main strengths of Viz Artist and also the weaknesses?

Viz Artist requires both a technical and creative approach at the same time. The most beautiful designed animations and designs are useless if they are not powered by strong back end logic and scripting that ensures that the elements work properly and satisfy the needs of the producer/operator. The strength from combining these two is that it allows you to build a complete graphics solution that is tailored to any request.

One thing I would like to see Viz do even better is 3d modeling/animation and more complex particle systems. If Viz had these it could easily beat rendered graphics quality.

What are you hoping to gain from being a Certified Viz Artist designer? 

Hopefully with more and more people getting certified, the Vizrt certification will become an industry benchmark of skill and expertise in working with Viz. Right now, my hope is that being certified will open up new opportunities for using my skills. It’s also something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I’ve heard of it and I’m happy to have actually done it.

Do you have any tips & tricks on how to design in Viz Artist?

As a friend once said, “the noggi is your best friend”. This is true regardless of how experienced you are with designing in Viz or how complex your project is. For the designers that are just starting out, I would suggest not underestimating the importance of properly understanding the way transition logic works. Working with transition logic became very simple and obvious once I first understood what it actually does.

One more thing, don’t be intimidated by scripting and coding stuff. It’s all actually simple, once you understand how it works. Once you start using scripting and coding, your range of design and functionality opportunities expands a great deal.

Can you show us some examples from what you have done in Viz Artist?

Beside the attached images please visit www.krop.com/repede for my online portfolio. At the moment I’ve only just begun adding projects, but I will update the website as often as I can to include as many projects as possible.

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