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What is TriCaster Vectar?

TriCaster Vectar is a cloud-based 4K vision mixer/video switcher in use by national and international broadcasters to produce better content and more of it, reduce production costs and environmental impact, and quickly react and adapt to changing production needs.

The TriCaster Vectar training covers everything you need to get started with and master TriCaster Vectar operation

  • An introduction to NDI®️ explains how this free software-based standard for media over Internet Protocol (IP) works and its role in live productions
  • TriCaster Vectar Essentials covers the primary functions for people new to TriCaster Vectar
  • TriCaster Vectar Operation teaches you how to operate it for live productions, including video switching, transitions, keying, playback, automation, remote control, and more!
  • TriCaster Vectar Setup and Administration covers the installation and setup (not needed for the exam)

TriCaster Vectar Tech Specs

  • 44 external NDI® sources
  • 8-M/E video mixing, plus PreViz
  • 15 frame buffers
  • 68 keyable layers
  • 16 Outputs
  • 4 DDR media players
    (NDI®) (with key+fill)
  • Built-in 44-channel audio mixer
  • 3 configurable multiviewers
  • ISO and Output recording
  • Configurable video and audio delays at every input
  • 3 integrated streaming encoders
  • Extensive macro and automation capabilities
  • Custom panel creation in operator UI and web browser
  • Control via UI or 2-stripe or 4-stripe physical control surface

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  • Once Certified, you’ll be listed on our Certified Freelancers page, increasing your visibility to potential hiring managers.
  • Click here to learn about the TriCaster Vectar exam.

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