Enroll in Viz University today to develop your Viz 3Play skills and become certified

Enroll in Viz University today

Talented replay/slow-motion operators are always in high demand, but competition is fierce. Make your resume stand out by joining an ever-growing group of replay operators certified in the Viz 3Play product family, the most complete sports production systems on the planet.

The Viz 3Play course available at Viz University is the perfect resource for professional replay operators who are either new to or experienced with Viz 3Play and are looking to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in the fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. The course is available for free to freelancers and Vizrt customers and takes just three hours to complete. The Viz 3Play exam consists of 50 questions, takes one hour, and costs $150.

Here you will have access to exclusive resources, workshops, webinars, mentorship programs, and much more – all designed to give you the skills and resources you need to succeed in the replay/slow-motion space. Our industry professionals and experts have designed the Viz 3Play course to be the go-to destination for ambitious operators looking to learn and grow as professionals.

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What is Viz 3Play?

Viz 3Play is a turnkey sports video production solution that gives you the creative control to attract new fans, bigger audiences, and more sponsors at a cost that puts replay in reach—and complete sports production at your fingertips.

Viz 3Play is available in multiple models to meet budget and production demands, including Viz 3Play® 3P1, Viz 3Play® 3P2, and Viz 3Play® 3PV (the cloud-based version).

The Viz 3Play training course covers everything you need to get started with and master Viz 3Play operation.

The Viz 3Play course covers the Viz 3Play instant replay/slow motion system, and the lessons cover replay operation and the advanced feature set of the product. Learn about the tagging system, dual channel replay, creating highlight reels, and using the included NDI Telestrator Pro software.  An additional course section covers features found in higher-end Viz 3Play product offerings, like Playlist Sharing, virtual Zoom and Tracking, audio routing, and tagging enhancements.

Course topics include:

  • The Viz 3Play product line (Viz 3Play® 3P1, Viz 3Play® 3P2, and Viz 3Play® 3PV)
  • Session setup
  • Base operation
  • Outputs
  • Advanced operation
  • Additional tools
  • Viz 3Play 3P2 features

Why enroll and certify?

  • Training is free and the exam costs just $150, ensuring you get certified at minimal cost.
  • Once Certified, you’ll be listed on our Certified Freelancers page, increasing your visibility to potential hiring managers.
  • Click here to learn about the Viz 3Play exam.

What are you waiting for? Join Viz University today and become a Viz 3Play certified operator professional. We look forward to having you as part of our community!