New products, new cities, new learning opportunities for you! Vizrt Masterclasses are expanding, let us know which products you’d like to master in the coming year.

Supercharge Your Vizrt Skills:
Masterclasses on the Horizon!

We are very excited to announce the expansion of our legendary Masterclass series, bringing even more Vizrt products into the spotlight. Building upon the success of our Viz Artist Masterclass, we aim to support customers and freelancers alike to upgrade their skills and gain insights from our expert instructors.

Get ready to be armed with the freshest knowledge, practical tips, and a hands-on learning experience that mirrors real-world scenarios. Immerse yourself in our Masterclasses and become a Vizrt virtuoso.

We’re all ears: which Vizrt products would you like to master next? Let us know your preferences and help us tailor our Masterclasses to perfectly fit your specific needs and ambitions.

Viz Artist Masterclass CTA

Are you ready to learn?

Let us know which Vizrt products would you like to master next!