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Expand your career with Viz Artist, the #1 real-time design tool for the broadcast industry. Viz Artist allows you to create professional scenes that are sought after by the world’s top media companies.


Introduction to Viz Artist

Take the free Introduction to Viz Artist course at Viz University

  • Create a basic broadcasting graphic
  • Get design and animation tips
  • Prepare a scene to become a template

Become a Viz Artist Designer

Go further with the free Viz Artist AR Design course.

Learn the tools and techniques to become a Viz Artist designer.

Saving assets to the Graphic Hub
Texturing and Mapping
Animating and Keyframes

and more.

Viz University

Viz Artist Scripting Course

Challenge yourself

Make next-level designs with the free scripting course. Learn how to:

  • Write commands to work faster in Viz Artist
  • Write basic scripts

Transition Logic course

Code-free and design-based

 Discover the power of using Transition Logic. Learning objectives include creating multiple layers on air simultaneously and transitions between different states of the graphic.

Transition Logic design course
Viz Artist Masterclass

Viz Artist Masterclass

Learn all the latest capabilities of Viz Engine 5 and design the most stunning graphics on Viz Artist Masterclass, in person with the best Vizrt experts!

Get a free edition of Viz Artist

Vizrt’s advanced real-time design platform, Viz Artist, is now free for creatives around the world. The free Viz Artist unleashes the creativity of designers to model a new future for the global media landscape. Media houses, broadcasters, and digital publishers gain access to a rapidly growing pool of talent that will bring their brand to new heights of powerful visual storytelling.

Designer Cleatus

Certified Professionals

Agus Hardiyanto

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Alexandre Dupoux

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Alexandru Cristian Popescu

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Alomgir Hossen

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Álvaro Roldán

Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Anderson Queiroga

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Andrew Oates

Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Andy Welfare

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

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