New Viz Flowics Data Connectors for wearables, FIBA live stats and college sports

These new connectors provide seamless integration to finance and sports data providers

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Content creators know that data is a strong driving force to boost audience engagement. And, Viz Data Connectors, unique to Viz Flowics, makes it easier for producers to add layers of data to graphics to shape content delivery and give viewers statistics that not only informs, but is also interesting and useful.

The catalog of native data integrations is fast approaching 100 providers. In recent weeks, we’ve added a series of new Data Connectors – native integrations that simplify the flow of external live data from different sources into Viz Flowics graphics.

Data Connector Highlights

Insiders Data Connector

Give fans a deeper understanding and insight into the performance levels of elite athletes via their Insider wearable trackers. This data is collated by Insiders.

“The new Insiders Data Connector allows sports content creators to add another layer of data that matters to audiences to their Viz Flowics graphics in a fast, simple and efficient way,” says Viz Flowics co-founder, Gabriel Baños.

The Insiders API provides raw and/or calculated data from athlete wearables in real time, which the Data Connector processes and augments so performance data can be readily incorporated into graphics. It is a frictionless experience for the user.

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Genius Sports FIBA Live Stats

Genius Sports is a global partner of FIBA (International Basketball Federation), resulting in essential data solutions such as FIBA LiveStats, as well as information regarding basketball matches, players, statistics, and real-time event data.

The Genius Sports Data Connector data is now available in Viz Flowics, via direct integration with the Basketball REST API and Livestream API which provide access to the FIBA Live Stats system used in every FIBA competition. The integration can be used for both pre/post-game analysis and for presenting live statistics during a game.

The Genius Sports Data Connector data is now available in Viz Flowics


PrestoSports is an integrated sports data management service, specializing in college and high school sports. It provides statistics for institutions participating in different high school and college leagues, conferences and semi-pro events. The new Data Connector for PrestoStats simplifies data integration for any production focusing on college and high school sports, including school broadcast teams.


Draftkings is a leading US-based fantasy sports and betting company. The new Viz Flowics data connector provides a direct integration with their sportsbook APIs to help you quickly and efficiently create graphics with betting odds.


IEX Cloud

Deliver financial data direct to users with the IEX Cloud Data Connector. IEX Cloud, developed in partnership with investment professionals, makes financial data and services accessible to everyone.

IEX Cloud is developed in partnership with investment professionals.

All the core financial data is curated in one API, from real-time market data to company fundamentals. Easily visualized with Viz Flowics graphics for efficient financial news dissemination, portfolio management and investment tracking and analysis.


Digichief offers a wealth of data from news updates to weather, traffic and finance information, primarily from the US. This information is easily integrated with Viz Flowics using the new Digichief Data Connector. Viz Flowics graphics can then deliver this data in various ways from on-air graphics to sidebars and in the ticker as shown in the image below.

Digichief offers a wealth of data from the US from news updates to financial and weather information.

Expect even more data connectors in the coming months, as we continue to build up the native data integration options in Viz Flowics to further enrich your productions. The full catalog of available data connectors can be found on the Viz Flowics Data Integrations webpage.