Viz Engine 4

The latest iteration of Viz Engine, the most powerful render engine for live media, provides unmatched real time performance, low latency media flows, stunning effects for photo realism and new compositing features.

The most anticipated release of Viz Engine brings big changes to how virtual studio sets and augmented reality elements are created, rendered and combined with live video.

The programmable graphics pipeline with physical based rendering and global illumination builds the foundation, with features like reflection and depth of field providing extra realism. All with the multi-matte keyer fusing live and virtual together.

This functionality is being exposed in a brand-new Viz Artist user interface with dramatic changes in both appearance and workflow.

The trusted Viz Engine 3 pipeline is available in 4, but Viz Engine 4 specifically focuses on design of virtual studio sets and augmented reality graphics for customers to see the most benefit.

Full release notes and installers are now available on the Vizrt FTP following this path: /products/VizEngine4x/Release Notes

Broadcasting News

Broadcasting News

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