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Viz Libero is the leading sports analysis tool offering endless possibilities to enrich and extend sports coverage and nurture fans' passion with more content, deeper insights, and new perspectives – faster than ever before.

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  • 01.Create better content simpler and faster
  • 02.Inform, excite and engage fans with AR
  • 03.Improve flexibility and ROI - for any sport

Key benefits of Viz Libero

  • Combine sports analysis with augmented reality (AR) graphics integrated in the studio
  • Create high-impact content in no time with automated features like Player-Tracking and 3D camera flights
  • Intuitive UI and NLE editor for fast and flawless in-game turnaround
  • Integrate and visualize live data from OPTA, NFL/NGS, NBA Advanced data and more
  • Create new insights and unseen perspectives with Virtual 3D Flights, views and moves
  • Generate photorealistic 3D views of the sports action directly in front of the presenter
  • Let the presenter step onto the field to break down plays right where the action is
  • Place a virtual stadium in the studio and create a bird's eye view of the action on the pitch below
  • Image-based calibration and tracking - no cameras or equipment needed at the event
  • Use any available video input –live, from a replay system or file-based
  • Apply the same high level of content creation to every match without extra costs
  • Turn-key solution – apply to any sport with minimal effort

Simpler and faster

The straightforward user interface of Viz Libero puts all features at the operator's fingertips, allowing the creation of engaging pre-, post, and in-game analysis in no time - from calibration and accessing video to adding data, 3D virtual effects, and telestration complete with preview and one-click playout. With automated features like player-tracking and 3D camera flights, high-impact content can be produced and played out fast and effortlessly.

Serve fans first – with more content, data, and insights

Offering more in-depth coverage gets you closer to the fans and helps viewers understand tactics, game action, and controversial situations, increasing enjoyment, engagement and as a result viewer loyalty. 
With real-time data-driven graphics visualizing event or tracking data, 3D virtual replays and powerful telestration tools, you easily enhance the fan experience and understanding of the game. You can even add photorealistic AR elements and create totally new perspectives that cameras never captured to lift your sports analysis to a whole new level – all with one easy-to-use tool.

Gain flexibility and guarantee ROI

Using any available video material – live video input, from a replay system or from files - Viz Libero generates virtual camera images, angles and flights that are nearly indistinguishable from reality – without adding physical cameras on location. 
It is made for remote production workflows and allows operators and hardware to be located anywhere to create the same high-quality content for any sports coverage - without the extra costs. Multiple output formats enable the delivery of all video formats, significantly decreasing the time and resources required to produce content for various platforms.

Fully integrated. In any workflow

Viz Libero is a turn-key solution that does not require additional infrastructure. Still, its remarkable flexibility allows integration with the major video-replay systems, live-, file-exchange, or server-based production environments. It supports data connections with multiple sports data providers and an open API for individual integrations. 
Photorealistic AR elements can be easily integrated into a studio, or anchors can telestrate highlight clips from the games interactively using a touchscreen. 
Leveraging the advancements of Vizrt's render engine and strictly following Vizrt's principle of making sophisticated graphics simple, Viz Libero enables the use of custom graphics to ensure brand consistency for every single clip regardless of the chosen workflow.

Enhance the story of any sport

Viz Libero is a turn-key solution for all sports. Whether Soccer, Football, Motorsport, Handball, or beyond – Viz Libero's incredible toolset can be applied to any sport with minimal effort.

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Viz Libero 8.0.2

July 25th 2022: This is a maintenance release and includes multiple fixes and improvements. Active customers can download the installers and release notes from the ftp.

Viz Libero 8

March, 30th 2022: The world’s most powerful sports analysis software, Viz Libero, introduces a brand-new, sleek Graphics User Interface. With all features at their fingertips, users can create pre-, post, and in-game analysis clips significantly easier and faster.