Immersive sports analysis

Viz Libero is the industry-leading sports analysis solution. It combines 3D virtual sports enhancements with powerful telestration tools. Running on a laptop and only requiring game footage – either live or as a clip – Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analyzing interesting or controversial scenes.

Viz Libero combines realistic 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics for any sports content, giving your viewers and fans insight into controversial or tactically interesting sports situations. 

Viz Libero offers you a perfect platform to attract new sponsors that want to own the play-by-play and place their brands within the 3D analysis clips. 

Highlight clips are enough to apply the 3D analysis. No infrastructure is required in the stadium, making the solution perfect for remote productions, studio applications, or clip use for any digital platforms. In many cases, Viz Libero can simply run from a laptop with a file-based workflow. An operator can create the clips within a few seconds or minutes depending on the extent of the analysis.

Viz Libero is tightly integrated with Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engine, to create eye-catching telestration graphics and animations. The integration allows designers to create customized graphics using Vizrt’s modeling and animation tool.

Viz Libero’s Telestrator makes your studio show even more dynamic and increases the involvement of your viewers by giving the presenter an intuitive tools for interacting with analysis clips. 



Virtual Presenter puts the presenter in the middle of the action for a truly unique visual experience. Using virtual set technology, the presenter is placed virtually on the field to interact with footage and 3D analysis.

Libero AR creates a new way for sports presenters to tell the story of the action on the field and engage sports fans. The option leverages Augmented Reality (AR) to place a photorealistic 3D view of the original game footage enriched with analysis graphics in front of the sports presenter in the studio.

Viz Libero’s Automatic Player Tracking is the first of its kind to automatically track players on the pitch and show their movement without needing any special cameras installed at the stadium. A user simply clicks on one or more players and Viz Libero will automatically track the players and correct itself if the view of a player becomes obstructed at any point. The graphics are ready to use in seconds.

Viz Libero for Coaching puts the industry-leading sports analysis solution in the hands of coaches and team analysts. The system gives coaches a tool to illustrate complex messages quickly to players. Features invaluable to coaches include automatic tracking of multiple players , realistic 3D replays, new perspectives from different angles, distance measurements or virtual player moves.

  • 01.Engage your audience with unique 3D tools
  • 02.Monetize your Sports content through different platforms and add sponsorship
  • 03.Mobile and easy to learn laptop solution to use everywhere

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Key features

  • 3D camera flights
  • Virtual perspectives
  • 50+ different analysis tools
  • Automatic measurement tools
  • Automatic player trackings
  • Available for all sports
  • Virtual advertisement
  • Statistics & performance data
  • Mobile Laptop Solution
  • Easy to learn and quick to use


Products in shown workflow: Viz Libero, Viz One

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