Bring the world to your audience

Stories that impact the world are happening everywhere. Give your audience greater perspective and clarity with high-quality branded 3D maps that can be easily built by the journalist from their newsroom system.

  • 1.Enables producers, journalists and operators to include branded maps and geographical information in any story
  • 2.Create branded maps that include optional data for streets, satellite imagery, topography, and more
  • 3.Boost viewer engagement by including animated real-time maps in your storytelling

Viz World enables producers, journalists and operators to include maps and geographical information in any Vizrt graphic template. Maps are supported from all journalist entry systems in Vizrt such as Viz Pilot Edge, Viz Pilot News, Viz Multiplay and others. Users can automatically change map locations, add animated 3D objects and labels, show street and traffic information, display on-demand satellite images, create geographical locators, and design fully animated real-time 3D branded maps.

Maps from Viz World can be part of any live production, from daily news stories to virtual sets and augmented reality presentations. The system’s flexibility and unique branding capabilities allow map designs to be a key part of the company’s on-air design.

Comprehensive data options

Viz World includes a database of political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, major roads, named places, and relief topography covering the entire world. In addition, you can use optional data for streets, satellite imagery, topography, and more. Further enhancements are possible when including live geo-referenced feeds for elections and weather.

Satellite imagery - Satellite imagery is available at a variety of resolutions. Viz World users have access to online satellite imagery providers to download imagery directly from within Viz World when editing map templates.

Street Data - Local and highly-detailed street data is available for countries and cities around the globe. Data is searchable by street name, address, point of interest or intersection.

Relief topography - The relief data included with Viz World originates from the USGS (US Geological Survey) and has a 1km resolution. Higher resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data is also available for large areas, including 90m data for most of the world, and 30m data for all of the USA and some European countries.

KML/KMZ data - Import custom vector data in .kml and .kmz formats from a variety of open source vendors or create your own. The option allows broadcasters to use custom data that is specific for their regional needs.

.SHP - Import standard .shp files for custom graphics information, including government utilities and voting districts.


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Vizrt builds the model for future media productions with Expressen TV

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  • Internet footprint31 social media accounts
  • Technology8 HD SDI inputs
  • Digital2 IP stream inputs

How does a traditional publication such as a newspaper adapt their content for the growing use of online video for news consumption? Find out how one of Sweden’s major news outlets added the latest graphics and video technology to their workflow to create a high-quality online live-video production.

As part of its focus on creating online content, the newspaper wanted to create high-quality video content with 3D graphics that would look great on multiple platforms. A technical infrastructure was built with tools for social media curation, graphics design and immersive graphics with a virtual set and fast browser-based video editing.

This has brought about the perfect marriage of content from Expressen TV and technology from Vizrt.

Thomas MattssonEditor-in-Chief of Expressen

Viz World 21.1.0 is now officially released.

March 5, 2021: Now released, containing bugfixes and improvements. For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP.

Viz World is now part of Vizrt Newsroom Suite

Today’s journalists have to take complex news stories and make them digestible stories, visually compelling narratives suited to consumption on any platform at any time. The Vizrt Newsroom Suite, every journalist can work from the newsroom, the road or from home to independently prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, stills, video, data visualizations and maps to their stories in the NRCS – and then repurpose, tweak and perfect until the moment they go to air.

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