XR Set Express

The world’s first fully equipped out-of-the-box Virtual Studio solution combining unbeaten Viz Virtual Studio capabilities and the connected workflows of NDI® to an ultimately simple solution

(Subtitles in Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean available)

The best of all worlds

Pre-designed & automated

Set-up in no time

  • NDI®-powered virtual graphics
  • World Class Viz Virtual Studio software
  • Panasonic PTZ AW-UE100 camera
  • Best-in-class graphics control
  • Pre-installed Software and hardware
  • Pre-calibrated system including lens
  • Fully designed, customizable virtual studio sample scene
  • Customizable Viz Arc Control surface
  • Viz University “How to get started” tutorial video

Keep things simple with the key design principles of XR Set Express, the world’s first fully equipped, ready to air Virtual Studio in a box. It includes everything needed to set up a Virtual Studio in no time. 

XR Set Express leverages Vizrt’s world class Virtual Studio capabilities, the connected workflows of NDI® and with the best of breed Panasonic PTZ AW-UE 100 cameras combines to a complete virtual set solution. Together with the Viz Arc® AR control panel, it gives visual storytellers unrivalled access to the best XR elements in the business.

The best virtual graphics in the world – powered with NDI®

NDI®, the leading IP-video standard, is natively to enabled with highly accurate synchronization and fine control of tracked PTZs.  XR Set Express is part of Vizrt’s ecosystem and familiar, industry-defining Viz workflows built on the latest version of Viz Engine™ underpin the performance of the solution for creatives to have the most powerful render pipelines at their fingertips. The included customizable sample scene is Viz Engine Renderer based and makes setting up a stunning Virtual Studio simpler than ever.

Automated perfection

The Viz Arc control application, the best color difference keyer on the market, supports the Precision Keyer’s intelligent auto-adjustment feature, making it easier to set up, deploy, and produce. The customizable control surface makes it easy to load, position, and control the Panasonic PTZ camera, and to adjust colors, logos, world-coordinates, Precision Keyer settings and content and director control.

Unpack, power up, spot on.