Viz Arena 410 product update

Viz Arena 4.10

The latest version of Vizrt’s virtual advertisement system allows you to apply virtual graphics onto any random sport event, in real-time. The new release brings along further improvements to the camera tracking, chroma keying and an automatic overlay mask detection will extend Viz Arena’s downstream capabilities.

Custom Sports

The Custom Sports feature allows you to embed Viz Arena’s live virtual graphics into any arbitrary sports environment. Create or import your own reference points to match your event environment and place virtual graphics to any desired camera. This is particularly relevant for sports such as car racing, horse racing or winter sports, which do not have a regular playing field. Sponsor and AR graphics can now be tracked to the background with a simple and reliable setup.

Enhanced camera tracking for all sports

The improved camera tracking introduced with Viz Arena 4.9 is now available to all sports. Based on user feedback, more setup flexibility has been provided to the operators.

Improved keying

The Viz Arena keying has added a blending factor that allows the operator to adjust for a smoother foreground and background interpretation in challenging game conditions – such as strong contrast between light and shadow.

Automatic overlay mask detection

Viz Arena’s new overlay mask detection can automatically recognize the size and the type of graphic or score bugs on a program feed. This is crucial for downstream productions to adapt and react seamlessly to changes on the incoming program feed, guaranteeing a flawless appearance of virtual graphics.

Viz Arena graphic basketball

For full release notes for Viz Arena 4.10 please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow Products/VizArena/LatestInstaller/4.10.