Viz Eclipse 2.1

Vizrt and Infront Sports & Media have released the latest edition of the virtual advertising solution, Viz Eclipse 2.1, with significant quality and workflow improvements.

Successful on-air launch of Viz Eclipse 2.1

Viz Eclipse is the pioneering solution that allows sports rights holders and broadcasters to virtually replace field-side advertising boards in real-time. Viz Eclipse was recently used for the first time on-air at a major European Cup final. In that game the perimeter boards from the stadium were virtually replaced for viewers of the official game stream.

Quality improvements

Viz Eclipse’s unique advantage is that it is completely image-based and non-intrusive. This means it causes no impact on the existing production environment, and it has the ability to overlay any manufacturer of LED boards even when the original board content is animated.

Visual quality improvements of Viz Eclipse 2.1 ensure a cleaner output compared to previous releases, resulting in increased visual definition within the virtual replacement of perimeter boards, including animated boards.

Workflow improvements

Viz Eclipse 2.1 simplifies the user experience by adding more automatic workflows. In parallel, increased system flexibility provides additional functionality through the fine-tuning of production parameters.

Back-up workflow

Uptime is a critical factor within any sponsor-supported live production Viz Eclipse 2.1 now supports a fully redundant setup, and offers customers different options to handle any potential system component blackout. The viewer’s experience will be flawless with no frame-loss or missed virtual ads.

Support for multiple outputs

A certified workflow has been introduced with Viz Eclipse 2.1 to provide multiple outputs from a single system. This is a crucial factor when scaling up on regional and customized content, thus ensuring increased advertising revenue and a quicker return on investment.

For full release notes on this product update please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow the path products/VizEclipse/Viz_Eclipse_2.1.0.