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Viz Mosart 5.1

Unlocking switcher-less workflows for automated studio productions, with Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart

Introducing Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart 5.1

The latest release of the market-leading studio automation software, Viz Mosart 5.1, introduces the brand-new Engine Switcher feature, combining the power of Viz Mosart and Viz Engine to unlock switcher-less workflows. Offering simplicity for the journalist by defining the whole show in the graphics scene, Engine Switcher enables the automated production of graphics-centric content without needing a discrete, dedicated switcher.

“By controlling the unique switcher capabilities of Viz Engine, we’ve raised Viz Mosart to a new level of efficiency and flexibility for graphics-centric productions. Each show’s entire look and feel can now be defined in the graphics scene, with dynamic video transitions and graphical elements being handled seamlessly as part of the same automated composition”

Andy Newton, Senior Product Manager for Viz Mosart, Vizrt.

Engine Switcher draws on the power of Viz Engine to offer much of the functionality of a traditional video switcher by using graphics templates to transition between sources and provide video effects, while also playing clips and rendering graphics. This unlocks powerful and automated production workflows with automated scene-based switching, providing unique transition flexibility that cannot be easily achieved with a traditional switcher.

Using the full power of Viz Engine and Viz Mosart, Engine Switcher This includes automated SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 source switching, clip playback, transitions, DVEs, and rendering of 3D graphics in an integrated and software-defined solution, and is ideal for efficient and effective automation and graphics handling for small-to-midsize productions.

Discover how WELT uses switcher-less workflows to reinvent production using Vizrt Software-Defined Solutions

Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart was inspired by developments made during Vizrt’s collaboration with Germany news broadcaster, WELT.

Please note: Engine Switcher feature requires Viz Engine 5. NDI® source switching will be supported in a future release.

Additional new features

SpotOn audio player support

Viz Mosart now supports playout of audio clips on SpotOn Audio Player. Detailed information can be found in the Viz Mosart Administrator Guide.

Utah Scientific video router control

Viz Mosart can now control Utah Scientific video routers with MX-Lator for the GVG7000 protocol.

Lawo audio mixer control

Viz Mosart can now use the Ember+ protocol to control Lawo audio mixers.

Additional improvements in this Mosart 5.1 release

  • Improved security for iNews with FTPS connection support.
  • Improved control for the GV CPL video switcher, increasing the number of available keyers from 4 to 6.

Viz Mosart 5.1 was released on October 20th, 2022, containing the Engine Switcher functionality and various bugfixes and other improvements. For the full release notes and other documentation please visit the Vizrt documentation site, and contact your Account Manager to discuss upgrading.