Product and maintenance updates

23 Jun 2021

Viz Ticker 4

23 June, 2021: Vizrt has released the latest edition of the 3D ticker solution, Viz Ticker 4, with significant quality and functionality improvements.

Viz Ticker 3.1.1

27 May, 2020: Viz Ticker 3.1.1 is now released, containing bugfixes. For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP site under /products/VizTicker/LatestVersion/

Vizrt Channel Branding

Viz Ticker is at the core of the Vizrt Channel Branding Suite, an extension to promotional and marketing departments of media organizations. The solution augments the technical capabilities of master control environments from a single channel facility to large network operations centers managing multiple broadcast, web, and mobile channels.

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Vizrt Newsroom Journalist Solution

Viz Ticker seamlessly integrates with the Vizrt Newsroom Journalist Solution and the Vizrt ecosystem and graphics workflow. Journalists can independently prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, stills, video, data visualizations and maps to their stories in the NRCS – and then repurpose, tweak and perfect until the moment they go to air.

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Flexible Access

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Flexible Access

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