Viz Trio 4.1

Control | Adapt | Perfect Graphics

Viz Trio 4.1, the most powerful graphics control tool on the market, is the first application to support Adaptive Graphics, an automated way to deploy graphics to multiple output formats simultaneously. With this release, one operator can seamlessly control all Adaptive Graphics scenes and play them out on any platform.

Why are Adaptive Graphics revolutionary?

Adaptive Graphics is one of multiple ground-breaking-capabilities that are available through Viz Engine 5. Adaptive Graphics enables the best viewing experience no matter what device audiences want to watch on.

The Adaptive Graphics workflow starts with the designer, who creates an Adaptive Graphics scene in Viz Artist and adjusts graphics behavior for each target platform. Then, when the operator imports the scene in Viz Trio, the Live Preview automatically adjusts and shows the graphics within their different aspect ratios.

Once the operator is ready, they can play the graphics scenes out to various channels with one click.

Control and playout of Adaptive Graphics is available only with Viz Engine 5 & Viz Trio 4.1.

How to achieve greater graphics control with Viz Trio 4.1? 

Once the designer has created and set up the aspect ratios of the Adaptive Graphics scene in Viz Artist, the operator can import and instantly control all the scene elements. Immediately upon loading the Adaptive Graphics scene, the Live Preview automatically adapts to the pre-defined ratios. One operator with one Viz Trio can control the graphics for all desired aspect ratios, delivering brand consistency throughout the different channels.

This workflow enables full control and provides assurance that the graphics will look perfect on all the broadcast and online channels.

How to playout the perfect graphics with Viz Trio 4.1?

The operator can set up macro commands to swiftly switch between the various aspect ratios in the Live Preview and ensure the graphics will look flawless on each platform.

With Viz Trio, the Adaptive Graphics scenes can be taken on air with a single click to the various live channels, such as TV, videowalls and social media platforms, simultaneously.

This enables one designer to create one scene with the adaptive information embedded, and one operator to choose and control the playout to the desired target aspect ratio. Allowing for your team to have more time and resources to work on creating more stories.

Currently, one Viz Engine is required per channel ratio.

Additional features and improvements:

  • Compatibility with Viz Engine 5 and support for previewing Adaptive Graphics in the preview window  
  • New macros to switch the adaptive format in the preview window: viz:set_format, viz:set_next_format and viz:set_previous_format 
  • Two new macros to export and import global keyboard shortcuts to macros 
  • Trio interface adapted to UHD screens  

Installation Files and Release Notes

Download the Viz Trio 4.1 installer on the FTP site FTP/Products/VizTrio/LatestVersion