Al Jazeera Media Network uses Viz Libero technology to push boundaries of sports analysis for the World Cup Qatar 2022

Al Jazeera uses Vizrt’s Viz Libero to enrich and extend its coverage of the World Cup 2022, to provide its audience with in-depth 3D Sports analysis technology

Al Jazeera Media Network – Viz Libero

Doha, Qatar, 14th December 2022 —  Al Jazeera Media Network, headquartered in Doha, Qatar – the heart of the 2022 World Cup- is enriching its sports coverage of the international event through Vizrt’s Viz Libero’s real-time 3D graphics technology, creating an added compelling dimension for content for Al Jazeera’s viewers.

Al Jazeera operators can now create and execute with better efficiency. Viz Libero uses existing TV images to combine video with real-time data visualizations easily, 3D camera flight effects and virtual enhancements, powerful telestration, and photorealistic augmented reality elements — this eliminates the need for complex equipment at the venue to capture the action.

The year 2022 continues to be a big year for sports, which means it’s been a big year for innovation. In these events, the sport becomes the news. We know Al Jazeera sets the bar high in delivering the best content to its viewers and we are excited to be involved in its production plans around the World Cup as a trusted tech partner,” says Armin Kaltenhauser, General Manager of Vizrt Sales.

Al Jazeera Media Network – Viz Libero

The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the entire globe, and this year, with the large following that Al Jazeera has, and with the demand for World Cup related news, we have decided to adopt the best technology to capture the news and updates revolving around the event.

Ahmed Marzouq AlFahad,
Executive Director of Technology & Network Operations Division at Al Jazeera Media Network

Commenting further he said, “We have integrated Viz Libero’s augmented reality and virtual presenter features into our system. All eyes are on Doha, therefore, we aim to ensure those eyes are as informed and entertained as possible. Al Jazeera’s focus is to use technology that captures with accuracy, speed, and quality and Viz Libero’s technology made it possible.

Technological advancement to the brand identity, Ramzan Alnoimi, Acting Executive Director of Global Brand & Communications Division at Al Jazeera said, “It is always important to use the best technologies by international companies to continue enhancing creative designs for the brand identity of Al Jazeera Media Network.

Al Jazeera Media Network reaches over 430 million households in the Middle East and around the globe. For over 25 years, it has televised international events, including sports, using innovative solutions to engage its viewers. The Network integrated Viz Libero technology within a short period to enable hi-tech broadcast of news surrounding the World Cup to its global audience.

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Al Jazeera Media Network – Viz Libero
Al Jazeera Media Network – Viz Libero