The best Graphics – ultimately simple. Vizrt XR Set now offers native, full-fledged Unreal Engine® with Viz Engine®

XR Set Unreal-16x9

Bergen, Norway – 1st September 2021—Vizrt®, the world’s leading provider of software-defined visual storytelling solutions (#SDVS) for media content creators, today announced a new release of its market-leading Virtual Studio Solution – Vizrt XR Set.

With this latest release of XR Set, Vizrt unites the two most powerful graphics engines on the market in the best workflow possible. Viz Engine and a natively integrated, fully-fledged Unreal Engine running side-by-side give the end-user transparent access to all the best virtual graphics in the business – all smoothly controlled from a single location.

Remo Ziegler VP, Product Management of Vizrt, said, “For many of our customers, Virtual Sets and extended reality are parts of their creative output that they want to use every day.  With this version of Vizrt XR Set we make the everyday extraordinary and simple, so more can be done, with less effort and to the highest levels of quality, because that is how audiences can be won and retained.”

The best of all worlds

Familiar, industry-defining Vizrt workflows built on the recently upgraded Viz Engine 4.3 underpin the Vizrt XR set. Creatives now choose the render blade they want to deliver graphics:

  • Viz Engine Renderer, the specialist broadcast render blade, giving access to PBR (physical-based rendering) for outstanding results and performance
  • Unreal Engine® to seamlessly intermix Vizrt and Unreal elements in the same scene – as a native component within Viz workflows, improving interoperability performance, such as seamless depth of field sync between Viz Engine® and Unreal Engine and scene property preset sharing

It’s simpler than ever to select the right tool for the right job, all within the Vizrt ecosystem. 

Ease of control 

The intelligent control interface in Vizrt XR Set makes the renderer utilized fully transparent to the user – so they can focus on directly controlling, modifying, and placing graphics, regardless of where they come from. This includes powerful automation possibilities and enhanced control of both Viz Engine and Unreal Engine, accessible within XR Set.

Ease of set-up and deployment

Camera set-up, tracking, and keying configuration easy and fast, to allow the best possible experience when setting up a virtual set. The intelligent, automated setup of the Precision Keyer helps deliver crisp keys every time in minutes.

Pricing & Availability

The Vizrt Extended Reality Suite is the ultimate representation of Vizrt’s core capabilities for software-defined visual storytelling, offering the first fully-fledged AR (Augmented Reality), VS (Virtual Set), Video Wall, mixed reality and telestration toolset, made available exclusively through low start-up cost, Flexible Access software plans. The XR Set Solution is one of three solutions in the XR Suite and is available in annual or month-to-month payment plans. This enables media houses, production companies and organizations to flexibly implement and scale their capabilities on the highest industry standard. Customers are encouraged to speak with their Vizrt sales experts for details.