Sk Monoar Nahid - Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Congratulations to Sk Manoar Nahid in Bangladesh in becoming the next Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer!

Sk Monoar Nahid lives in Dhaka of Bangladesh and has been working in the Television Broadcast industry for more than eight years, with six of those years being experience working with Vizrt. He now works as a Senior Motion Graphics Designer in Bangladesh at Channel 24.

Regardless of his already achieved MBA, Sk Monoar Nahid had great interest in the graphic design industry. He studied for his diploma and started his career as a motion graphics designer with RTV in 2007. Within two years he joined Januma TV where he had the opportunity to be introduced to Vizrt and shortly after established himself as a Viz Designer. In 2011 he moved on to Independent TV and continued to develop his knowledge and skills of Vizrt. Moving forward, in 2012 he started working with Channel 24 and extended his work flow using almost all Vizrt modules. Throughout his employment he has participated in several Vizrt training courses arranged by his employer and Vizrt.

“It’s a great honor for me to become a Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer. This is the best way of justifying oneself. I would like to sincerely thank Vizrt, all of my well-wishers, and those who have always helped me work with Vizrt. I’m always looking for self-improvement and I’m willing to experiment with new possibilities and to express myself through any visual process. I would like to extend my working capability through acquiring knowledge to develop the opportunity for national and global development.”

  - Sk Monoar Nahid

Sk Monoar Nahid’s portfolio can be found online at

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