Nathan Magindren

Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer

Nathan Magindren, based in Singapore, is currently working in the graphics department with Channel News Asia. Nathan started his career with the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation back in the early 80s and shared his story with us:

“There was no internet, emails, or computers. We were all using paper until around the mid-80s, when we had the first broadcast computer system called the Supernova. I had the honor of designing a series of National Stamps to mark the 25th Anniversary of Television in Singapore using the first electronic paint system. At that time, Adobe Photoshop was in its infancy.

Supernova was one of the earlier versions of a series of Broadcast systems together with brands such as Matisse and the Matador which were basically paint systems with minor animation capabilities. 

After that, in the mid-1990s, we were already using the Quantell Paint Box V series, followed by Quantell  Henry and Quantell Edit box by early 2000. Progressively, we were trained on various Adobe software and other 3D software such as 3D Max and currently the MAXON Cinema 4D.

Around that time we were first introduced to Viz Artist 2.8, I was mesmerized by the system. I had never seen such a user-friendly system that could produce animation with ease and speed. An Ideal system for News Broadcasting.

With the help of the Viz Artist system, I was able to churn out many shows for news and current affairs programs that were often well-received with great appreciation. With Viz Artist, I also worked on national projects such as the “We are one” presidential charity initiation organized by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

When we moved into our new premises in early 2017, we upgraded our Viz Artist system to version 3.12. At the same time, the station expanded further with the new AR team solely responsible for the virtual set.

It was exciting to witness this progression all these years from a News Channel to the present Channel News Asia. Currently, I am still with Channel News Asia, and I am still enjoying working with the Viz Artist system and will be upgrading to the latest version 5 very soon.”

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