NBC Sports Group partners with Vizrt for 3D sports analysis

NBC Sports Group to utilize Viz Libero, Vizrt’s 3D highlights and telestrator system, for its 2018 sports coverage including the Super Bowl and the World Cup.


NBC Sports Group to utilize Viz Libero, Vizrt’s 3D highlights and telestrator system, for its 2018 sports coverage including the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

NBC Sports Group has inked a multiyear deal with Vizrt to utilize its Viz Libero 3D virtual sports analysis tool across the NBC Sports and Telemundo Deportes portfolio, as well as at multiple NBC Sports Regional Networks across the country.

The NBC Sports outlets will use Viz Libero to build 3D highlights and virtual telestration packages within its live-game and studio programming.


Matt Celli, NBC Sports’ Head of Production Technology: “NBC Sports has been working to incorporate to embrace Viz Libero’s 3D replays into our sports coverage. We are able to provide our viewers more insights into the game by analyzing the key plays from every angle thanks to Viz Libero’s 3D technology. We had a seamless transition to Viz Libero for all networks. A key element was to generate specific NBC designs of the Viz Libero elements for our biggest shows, including primetime’s #1 program; NBC Sunday Night Football.”

Viz Libero is tightly integrated with Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engine, to create telestration packages while giving the operator real-time preview and playout.

The integration allows designers to create customized Vizrt modeling and animation tools with Viz Artist, Vizrt’s 3D design tool. Based on existing functionalities, the user can define new customized effects.

NBC Sports will use Viz Libero to break down key plays within its coverage of the NFL, NHL,  Premier League, NASCAR, and more. Viz Libero combines realistic 3D replays and virtual graphics to provide deeper, multi-angle analysis of key plays and moments within the game.

The interactive telestration and annotation system combines the full flexibility of Viz Libero’s 3D scenes with an interactive user interface for presenters.


Blockbuster events in 2018 powered by Viz Libero

In addition to its regular sports telecasts, NBC Sports will use Viz Libero in 2018 for Super Bowl LII, and Telemundo’s coverage of the FIFA World Cup next summer.

“NBC Sports Group will have a very busy 2018, starting with the Super Bowl” said Daniel Nergard, President, Vizrt Americas. “Vizrt tools, including the Viz Libero Remote Telestrator, will help Sports presenters take their productions to a higher level. They can directly control the clips they analyze on a touchscreen and explain the key moments of every game to their audience. Vizrt’s unlimited Telestration tools help the fans have a better understanding of the game, gives the presenters more flexibility, and provides new interactive elements to the broadcaster’s show. Everyone wins.”

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