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Spectacular 3D Sports Analysis gets even better with a centralized live data repository, new visualization options and AI Cutout for any sport  

17 May 2024: Viz Libero 8.3, the latest version of the world’s most comprehensive sports analysis tool, delivers big on creating analysis clips direct for social media. Additionally, the release adds Sportec integration to the Datacenter, expands calibration database to all sports and much more.

Sports consumption has changed. Social media is where the fans are at as recent studies have shown, including one done by Vizrt. And sports content creators, like UEFA, have realized that social media + highlights and analysis is a winning combo.

Smart Video Crop Tool

The new video crop tool makes it easy to create ready-for-social-media clips.

Select your preferred aspect ratio and export clips as vertical (9:16, favored by Gen Z), horizontal (19:6), square (1:1) or other aspect ratios for different publishing platforms, including custom formats. See how it’s done in this Viz Minute.

(For more Viz Libero quick tips, check out the Viz Libero Viz Minutes showcase.)

If you want to do a quick social media clip of a replay, you can also use this tool. Select your aspect ratio, click on the player or object you want to track and the video crop tool will automatically crop and track, placing the player or object in the center of the video at all times.

Viz Libero is truly flexibility at your fingertips to extend sports rights and engage audiences anytime via linear, digital, and social platforms.

Calibration database extended to non-line sports

Another big feature of this release is the ability to create a calibration database for non-line sports such as cricket and ice hockey, where there are very few lines on the playing area to guide your graphics placements.

Operators no longer have to calibrate every single time when doing analysis for non-line sports. You can now easily create a calibration database that can detect the field without the time consuming process of manually placing reference points each time. Save time, work more efficiently and speed up analysis work.

Calibration database has been extended in Viz Libero 8.3 to non-line sports such as cricket, ice hockey and Aussie rules football.

Sportec data connector

Sportec has been integrated with Datacenter, the no-code, single repository for all your external data sources.*

When using Sportec as your data provider, you can choose to display data with the same graphics available with the Stats Perform data connector made available in the previous Viz Libero 8.2 release, such as heat map, attack map, team lineup, stats and more.

Additionally, users can specify a time range for the data, and have data displayed for only that duration of the match, for instance the first half or the first 20 minutes etc.

Sportec is a new data connector to Datacenter, in addition to the Stats Perform connector.

Other updates:

  • Enhanced 1080p file export workflow.
  • 720p/1080p/UHD 23.98Hz support.
  • Audio level adjustment improvements.

With the award-winning Viz Libero now fully operational in the cloud, and with a flexible WIBU licensing structure, sports content creators can easily create analysis from anywhere. Take analysis beyond linear to digital channels to maximize reach and expand your sports rights.

For the complete list of new features and improvements please refer to the Viz Libero 8.3 release notes on the Vizrt FTP site.

Installation Files and Release Notes

Customers can download the installation files, release notes, and driver requirements from the FTP server: FTP/Products/VizLibero/LatestVersion

* Customers must have a license to the Sportec Data Provider to be able to use this data connector. Vizrt does not sell external data licenses.