Viz Pilot

Product and maintenance updates

Viz Pilot Edge 2.1.0

April 14, 2021: This is a minor release and is comprised of Viz Pilot Edge 2.1.0, Template Builder 2.1.0, Pilot Data Server 8.7.0, improvements and bug-fixes and is the recommended version to use when upgrading Viz Pilot Edge. Download installation file and release note from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizPilot/LatestVersion folder.

Viz Pilot Edge 2

29 January, 2021: Vizrt’s newsroom content creation system now includes a comprehensive template layout tool and supports advanced graphics with transition logic. Viz Pilot Edge is a tool for the modern newsroom. The web client is designed with an intuitive interface built on MOS standards with integration to all major newsroom computer systems. It is perfectly suited for a distributed workforce of journalists and can be accessed and operated from the road or from home with no local installation required.

Viz Pilot Edge 1.6.1

July 10, 2020: Viz Pitot Edge 1.6.1 and Template Builder 1.3.1 are now released, containing minor improvements and bug fixes to the Scene Import feature. For the full release notes please visit the FTP site.

Viz Pilot is now part of Vizrt Newsroom Suite

Today’s journalists need to take complex news stories and turn them into digestible, visually compelling narratives, suited for consumption on any platform at any time. With the Vizrt Newsroom Suite, every journalist can work from the newsroom, on the road or remotely to independently prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, stills, video, data visualizations and maps to their stories in the NRCS – and then repurpose, tweak and perfect until the moment they go to air.


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