Product updates

23rd July, 2019

Viz Pilot Edge 1.4

Viz Pilot Edge 1.4 is a minor release of Vizrt's HTML5-based newsroom web client…

September 3rd, 2019

Viz Pilot Edge 1.4.1

This maintenance release for Viz Pilot Edge, and includes 18 fixes and an improv…

2nd July, 2019

Viz Pilot 8.4

This is a small product release that improves performance of Viz Pilot.

December 5, 2018

Viz Pilot 8.3

The latest version of Viz Pilot is a product release that contains improvements …

15 Aug. 2017

Viz Pilot 8.1

Viz Pilot 8.1 is a minor release of Vizrt's template-driven graphics and video m…

7 Jun. 2018

Viz Pilot 8.0.1

Viz Pilot 8.0.1 is released. This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes f…

30 May. 2017

Viz Pilot 8.0

Viz Pilot 8.0 is released. This is a major release of Vizrt's template-driven gr…

28 Sept. 2018

Viz Pilot Edge 1.3

Viz Pilot Edge 1.3 is a minor release of Vizrt's html5-based newsroom web client…

Jan 31. 2018

Viz Pilot Edge 1.1

The update includes a new timeline editor, new tools to manage data feeds, previ…

5 Dec. 2017

Viz Pilot Edge 1.0.3

The latest version of Vizrt’s powerful browser-based newsroom client includes an…