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How the European League of Football embraced cloud for live production​ – Vizrt Webinar – On-Demand

Scoring a touchdown for sustainability and cost saving

Vizrt live panel webinar​

Watch on-demand: How the European League of Football embraced cloud for live production​

Originally aired live on Wednesday December 13th, 2023​

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The ELF saved nearly 1 million Euros and 300 tons of CO2, all while enhancing the fan experience, increasing sponsor value and visibility, and improving production quality. How? By embracing cloud for the 2023 game season live productions.​

But why did they do it, how was it made possible, and what was the end-to-end workflow?​

Watch this live panel webinar on-demand to hear the ELF, their production agency novel media, Amazon Web Services (AWS), LiveU, and Vizrt discussing the project in detail and explain how it was brought to life in just a few weeks!

What is the European League of Football?

One of the fastest growing niche sports leagues, the European League of Football brings American Football to several countries in Europe, and has a rapidly growing fanbase of nearly half a billion households.

Along with their production agency, novel media, they wanted to improve the fan experience, increase sponsorship value and visibility, reduce production costs, reduce carbon emissions, and help their operators avoid excessive travel across Europe. So they opted to switch from pre-recorded traditional OB truck productions to cloud live productions for the 2023 season. The result? Huge cost and carbon emission savings, improved production quality, and more value for sponsors with virtual carpet cam ads.

What’s covered in this webinar?

  • The ELF’s motivations for changing production methods
  • The key benefits it unlocked
  • The end-to-end workflow, from getting camera signals off the ground, live produced in the cloud, and played out to fans
  • The impact on sustainability, production costs, and quality
  • The impact on operators and their experience using the tools in the cloud
  • Lessons learned by all parties and recommendations for content creators looking to adopt cloud

This is your chance to hear directly from Laurens Koos (ELF) and Levon Melikian (novel media) on how they used cloud to elevate the fan experience, revolutionize this year’s live productions. And hear from Jon Raidel (Vizrt), Bart Meeus (LiveU), and Jason O’Malley (AWS) on the setup and deployment of the tools and the collaboration with all involved.​

Watch on-demand now!

Who’s it for?​

The session isn’t overly technical, so it’s for anyone involved in producing live content who would like to improve production quality while reducing travel, production costs, and carbon emissions!

Our Solutions

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Panelists and Hosts


Bart Meeus

Senior Manager Sports EMEA at LiveU

Levon Melikian

Managing Director at novel media​

Jon Raidel

Global Center of Excellence Lead for Cloud Live Production at Vizrt​

Jason O’Malley

Senior Solutions Architect at AWS

Laurens Koos

Head of Distribution at the ELF

Ryan Hughes

Product Marketing Manager (and webinar host) at Vizrt

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