Webinar: Enhancing Creativity and Flexibility in Live Streaming Production

Enhancing Creativity and Flexibility in Live Streaming Production


Enhancing Creativity and Flexibility in Live Streaming Production

Hosted by: Videomaker | Featured Speaker: Chris Burgos

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Enhancing Creativity and Flexibility in Live Streaming Production with Vizrt

People are consuming live-streamed videos more than ever before, be it for sports, entertainment, events, or news. That is why an increasing number of content creators, broadcasters, businesses, and organizations are doing live streaming to connect with their online audiences.

Whether you’re new to live streaming or seeking to add more creativity and flexibility to your current video production set-up, this webinar is for you. Gain a deeper understanding of the best practices for live streaming and discover innovative tools essential for creating high-quality content that captivates and excites the viewers.

Watch this session, run by Vizrt Expert Chris Burgos, as he provides valuable insights into the latest storytelling technologies and techniques that enable content creators to:

  • produce engaging content with graphics, virtual sets, Augmented Reality (AR) objects, dynamic effects, transitions, and video playbacks
  • make streams more interactive and integrate audience participation with polls, quizzes, and data-driven graphics that show weather, stats, and scores
  • simultaneously deliver content to any platform in different formats, resolutions, and aspect ratios
  • manage and execute production on-premises, remotely, or in the cloud
  • bring in remote guests from anywhere in the world
  • simplify IP connectivity with NDI®

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn how you can bring your stories alive and deliver the ultimate viewing experience for your audiences!

Featured speaker: Chris Burgos, Channel Account Manager & Solutions Expert, Vizrt

Chris Burgos embarked on his journey streaming live events for colleges, sports events, and corporate engagements. Quickly ascending to major eSports events across the US, he’s been at the forefront of digital broadcasting. With a recent shift towards cloud technology, Chris is now pioneering the integration of cutting-edge cloud solutions into his work. Always drawn to innovative projects, he passionately seeks out smaller-scale creators who are making waves in their respective fields, aiming to amplify their stories. With a keen eye on the horizon, he strives to be a catalyst for change, advocating for the transformative power of streaming technology and its pivotal role in shaping the future.


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