Gonzalo Muñoz Calzas - Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator

Congratulations to Gonzalo Muñoz Calzas on becoming a Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator.

Gonzalo Muñoz Calzas, an Assistant TV Director at  Spanish broadcaster La Sexta, is the latest Viz Trio Certified professional.

Muñoz Calzas has innovated many live productions,  including newscasts, elections coverage, sports events and entertainment programs, by using Vizrt solutions for more than 10 years. In 2010, Muñoz Calzas learned Viz Trio and Viz Pilot when he started working on the La Sexta Noticias news show. He has recently also gained proficiency in Viz Multiplay, Vizrt's video wall control application.

In 2006, Muñoz Calzas, who lives in Madrid, earned a degree in Audiovisual Communication AT from Complutense University.