Powerful template-based graphics and video for the newsroom

Viz Pilot is a cross-platform template-based system for journalists to create, manage and deliver high volumes of top quality graphics, video, stills and map content on-air and on-line.

Viz Pilot is a template-based system for journalists to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content. Plan your news, sports, or election productions with state of the art graphics, maps, animations, videos and images; all from an easy to use newsroom interface with live preview for the journalist and a workflow allowing for last minute changes.

Viz Pilot automatically generates templates, or builds rich cross-platform custom templates using native HTML for powerful user interfaces. A redundant centralized storage of content allows for easy administration and fail-safe operation. The system includes the latest standards for maximum interoperability, efficiency and support.

Newsroom Integration

Viz Pilot's newsroom component integrates with all major newsroom systems: Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia, and more. It supports real-time preview and snapshots, giving the journalist full control of how a prepared news rundown will look. 


Video content is searched by keywords and the journalist edits the video and adds graphics to the video on a timeline. With Viz Pilot, journalists are able to have multiple Transition Logic graphics on several timeline tracks, creating an overlap of the graphics. This gives a more sophisticated graphics presentation when the content is played to air from Viz Engine.

Meta-graphics: linking graphics and video

Viz Pilot supports the meta-graphics workflow. Rather than burning graphics into video and rendering a final version of the clip, meta-graphics allows editors and journalists to edit graphics templates in Viz Pilot and then save the graphics metadata alongside clean newly-edited video, saving both to the Viz One MAM system. The end result is a workflow that allows the journalist to change graphic content, images and video timelines up until the moment content is played on air.


  • 1.Enrich your stories with beautiful graphics, stills, clips and maps, all without leaving your NRCS.
  • 2.Integrates with your current NRCS on Mac or PC.
  • 3.Centralised installation and administration for easy installation, maintenance and upgrades.

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Powerful features

Viz Pilot is the most powerful system for your journalists to manage and deliver the highest quality graphics and video content for all your publishing platforms. Viz Pilot improves efficiency for everyone from small channels to major multi-national media houses.

Key features of Viz Engine

  • Real time render engine
  • Key & fill outputs
  • Timeline-based audio
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • IP Streaming
  • Video server

Singapore’s Mediacorp raises the stakes with on-air AR graphics from Vizrt at new production facility

  • Automated programming 17 hours
  • Newsroom700 journalists
  • Campus800,000 sq. ft.

A project was started to upgrade to a new studio using the latest graphics and automation technology without interrupting programming.

A new ‘digital first’ mindset guides the fully-automated studio producing live video with graphics, with the result of boosted viewership.

This was a massive feat and everyone played their part in achieving this, especially if you consider the leap in the technology usage from before and after.

James HollisVice President, Production Services at Mediacorp.


The reusable graphics templates are initially created by the creative department and stored on a centralised server as a once-only operation. Thereafter, journalists can select the template appropriate for their story from within their newsroom control system, and can enhance their story with rich content, including stills, clips, and maps. A rundown comprising of all graphics elements is automatically made available to the operator in the production’s control room, where the items can be manually or automatically played on-air.

Products in shown workflow: Viz Artist, Viz Pilot, Viz Engine

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