Unlock new revenues - Viz Eclipse

Viz Eclipse virtually replaces field-side advertising boards allowing rights holders to unlock further revenue and create unlimited feeds to regionally tailor marketing on a global basis.

Key features of Viz Eclipse

  • Virtually replace field-side advertising boards
  • First image-based virtual overlay solution
  • No adaptations required for boards or cameras
  • Easy and smart production integration with minimal setup time
  • Can be applied on any kind of perimeter boards (incl. LED)
  • Works with both static and animated board content
  • Built-in backup workflow
  • Easy scalable for multiple feeds and regions

Viz Eclipse gives content owners the ability to insert targeted, unobtrusive and region-specific ads into television feeds. This can generate new revenue streams for rights holders through additional regional advertising sales. Infront is distributing Viz Eclipse as part of its sports services portfolio, enabling rights holders to regionally tailor and streamline their marketing and commercialization of sports events on a global basis.

Viz Eclipse replaces existing field-side advertising boards with realistic virtual signage in real-time and throughout live gameplay. It doesn’t need any alterations to the boards themselves and requires minimal overhead to TV production workflows due to it’s image-based camera tracking and keying.

Using Vizrt’s advanced keying techniques, the ads appear natural in the background, allowing freedom of camera movement. Players and officials can walk in front of keyed adverts without interruption to the layered insertions. Viz Eclipse can be applied to any kind of backgrounds, including animated LED boards.

Working with multiple outputs, users can easily target an unlimited number of regions with custom sponsor messages.

  • 01.Regionally tailor the marketing and commercialization of sports events globally
  • 02.Explore benefits of leading Sports Technology (Vizrt) and Marketing agency (Infront)
  • 03.Minimal interference with the existing TV production using image-based technology


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