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Viz Vectar is a compact, yet powerful production switching system that leverages the latest advances in IT technology combined with native IP connectivity to meet the changing needs of today’s broadcasters and content creators.

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Key features of Viz Vectar

  • IP-native
  • NDI®, SDI, and SMPTE 2110 interoperability
  • Up to UHD P60 resolution
  • 44 IP video inputs
  • 35 IP outputs
  • 8 M/E’s with 4 keyers each
  • 4 x multiviewers
  • Media players
  • Source and program output recording
  • 2 streaming encoders
  • Aspect ratio, frame rate, and resolution independent
  • Vizrt graphics control

Viz Vectar is a compact, yet powerful system with the flexibility to switch, mix, and actualize any type of live production leveraging the latest advances in IT technology combined with native IP connectivity to meet the changing needs of broadcasters and content creators- today and tomorrow.

With built-in media players, recording, streaming, audio, and graphics control, Viz Vectar effortlessly masters the art of reaching more audiences with aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate independence, providing simultaneous delivery for distribution to multiple destinations supporting various screen types.
Merging a proven software-driven live production approach with power, efficiency, and flexibility, Viz Vectar offers native IP processing and connectivity to smoothly transition into the next generation of visual storytelling.

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  • 1.Software driven: flexibility for continuous technological innovation
  • 2.IP native: harnessing the power of software, computing, and networks
  • 3.Versatile I/O: enhancing creativity by simplifying production complexity

IP based production

NDI® native integration, with SDI and SMPTE 2110 interoperability for complete workflows using IP. Multiple formats in resolutions all the way up to 4K UHD can be mixed and matched.

The extensive NDI® ecosystem of cameras, converters, production components, and software applications provides even more possibilities for interacting with sources delivered across the network.

Multi-screen delivery

Viz Vectar embraces the creation of programs with digital media content and delivering them to anywhere viewers want to watch. Content can be produced in digital media aspect ratios (vertical, square), frame rates, and resolutions for delivery to multiple platforms and mobile devices.

Dual built-in streaming encoders output programs to multiple websites and social media platforms simultaneously using standard Internet streaming formats.

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  • 1.Multi-format studio & remote inputs
  • 2.Control room IP connectivity
  • 3.Simultaneous outputs & recording

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